Round-Up-Round #1

Hello there,

after last weeks announcement of Path of Pow, we think it’s time for a small roundup-round. What is the current status, where are we heading, what are we doing, what do we drink… nah, okay, the last one seems a bit uninteresting.

Let’s start with the general game idea:
As already mentioned it will be a physic puzzle game about shockwaving balls to a specific target, with as few “POWs” as possible. A bit like miniature golf, just with a raccoon racket or so…

We know there will be special tiles on the map which have different effects, like accelerating, slowing, tunnels, switches, gates and what the heck we will come up with… and Flo is willing to program.

So you could say along general lines we got all the important stuff together. But there are still some open questions like “When is a level perfectly cleared?” Should we only count the number of jumps you use to clear the level, or should the wall bounces be counted too? Currently the only-jump-counting approach is preferred, but the bounce counting could make a comeback as “Super-Awesome-Perfectly-Cleared” counter for achievements or something like that.

Even if there are some more of these open questions, and we are sure to find more while we fight trough developing Path of Pow, the game idea is one part we consider nearly finished.

Next one (please imagine a drum roll for a moment)… the setting!

The setting is very clear. It will be an asian-themed world populated by animals whose national sport is this ball bashing thing pictured in our game. And since it’s their national sport there is of course a tournament. Even tough there will be no real story, we’re gonna try to give you a feeling for the general tournament theme and the little raccoon taking part in the event.
Our plan is to offer about four different “worlds”, each with it’s own level style.

Along with the setting goes the art style.
Here we are in a bit of an experimentation phase. It will be a stylized comic-like look, for sure (talking animals? What else could we choose, eh?) but there is still a lot to figure out. There are some pictures of our at-the-moment-favorit style in this post. And since you just can take a look I spare you any further talking about this subject. At least for know, there might be a more in-detail post about the art style sometimes later.

But of course there are more parts we are working on.

For one thing there is the level design, and for designing levels the development of developing tools for designing levels… heck, are you still with me?

Andi already made some scribbles for levels (to figure out how they should look like) as you can see on some of the pictures. The actual level designing process is a bit more.. orange. What? Yep, orange. Because we use simple geometric orange tiles to test level mechanics before we take all the work to draw every single tile only to realize afterwards that the level mechanic itself is broken. While creating levels out of orange boxes might not sound very delightful it’s a surprising lot of fun. Mainly because of testing everything with our first prototype Flo already managed to create.

Okay, enough for today and this somewhat long short overview post about the status of Path of Pow. Of course there will be even more work as soon as we get more of the current work out of the way. There will be a lot of tweaking object properties and so on but… first step(s) first.

Next post might be about our considerations regarding camera control and game controls in general. A topic heavily discussed  yet.

But of course the most important question is: When will it be finished? Well, I’m happy to tell you that… oh sorry, my phone is ringing. Hope you had fun reading, and till next week.

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