Baaaaa… nzai!

Hello there and welcome to the ancient lair of the BLACKGOAT, lone wanderer.

Well okay, maybe not so ancient since our little indiegame project was just recently founded. But nevertheless we are proud to announce our very first game: Path of Pow!

It’s all about a cute little racoon who has to learn that in a hard and hostile world you have to SMASH AND CRUSH YOUR FOES WITH THE HARD METALBALLS OF POW AND…  ah… perhaps I got a bit overexcited.

Path of Pow is indeed a game with a racoon as main protagonist and you really have to smash balls around and with a lot of pow and all that stuff, but… to be honest, its not going to be an action game. It will be a smart little physics-based puzzle game where you have to get your cue-ball (or in later levels more cue-balls at once) to a defined goal.
You will do this by ordering your racoon to jump near the ball and the stomp’s shockwave will push the ball (hopefully) in the wanted direction. The less jumps the better.

So much about the basics of our game. We are absolutely sure it will be a lot of fun after all, but currently we’re in the middle of development. So we started this blog for you to follow our journey to our first released game. By the way, if you want to know who this mysterious “we” are just check the about page. There you will find everything mentionable.

Now this is absolutely enough for our first post, so I think now is the moment you should subscribe to our RSS Feed and click the link at the bottom (yes, the one with the pixely-bluebird) to follow us on Twitter. Hope to see you again soon, in the not-so-ancient BLACKGOAT lair.

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