BLACKGOAT is the private indiegame project of three more or less bearded guys, who were enthusiastic gamers all along.

They met at an advertising agency near the beautiful nuremberg, germany. Yes sir, were all the good beer comes from.

There, on less busy days, they filled boring waiting hours with the joy of browser games. After so many times of saying “Wisst ihr was ein supercooles Spiel wäre?” (sorry, but between us we don’t speak english), they decided to finally get a game running by themselves instead of only talking about it… and to check if other people would find it supercool as well.

The only real problem was that there are far more ideas than time to make them real. But now, since they agreed on one project at last, its only a matter of time until all the gaming world will hear from BLACKGOAT… with a bit of luck even something positive.

Stay tuned!


Dominik “Dom” Stoecklein
He tried long enough, and to his customers regret, to sell games as advertising until he eventually realized that the better place for games are… well… games. And even though he insists that his only job is to smoke an awful lot of cigarettes (to get the right mood) he is also into the art and leveldesign thing. And as long as he doesn’t find out that the door isn’t even locked, we force him to write some text, too.
Florian “Flo” Hofmann
He is our personal voice of sanity and the poor guy designated to program all the stuff we come up with. But since the only things that keep him cursing like a drunk pirate are HTML and CSS, and he manages to get even the most bizarre stuff working, we finally dare to get to our idea brainstormings without a bulletproof vest. The fact that he is a programmer with an outstanding visual sense comes in quite handy also… even if we never would admit that.
Andreas “Andi” John
Our team’s art genius… or the only one capable of drawing properly. For the rest of us, he must be born with a pen already tied to his hands, as it is our only explanation for his “pen-on-paper-magic”. And as soon as we find out how to convince him to accept a drawing as finished, we can stop stealing the paper out of his fingers when he is finally asleep. Damn, put the RedBull down, mate!