Using ANE (Air Native Extensions) in Haxe

The games we build, are written in Haxe, published as SWFs and packaged with Adobe AIR. I don’t want to kick off a discussion, why we use Haxe and don’t use NME, but that is a story for another post ;) So one challenge is: How do we integrate stuff like Game Center on iOS etc.? When you work with Flash and AIR this is a no brainer. Just google for it and you will find thousands of solutions… But try to google Haxe + ANE… “How to build ANE with Haxe” err no, not really. “How to use NME Native Extensions” again, no, we do not use NME. And so on… Maybe i’m too stupid to use Google, but I did not find a single bit of useful information.

OK, but this must be working somehow. And for my surprise it was dead easy. For my simple test I used the gyroscope ANE provided by Adobe. Here we go:

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What are you looking at?

A short story from last week.

I wanted to go to the city and find something for lunch. To get to my favorite snack bar I have to use a cross-walk. As always the traffic light was red, so I stood there, waiting, and looking around. Worse luck, I left my view a bit off the traffic light so I noticed late when it turned green. Since waiting for the next green was not an option – my stomach was already getting angry – I got in a hurry. While adjusting my view to the left I started walking but mixed something up. My sight shot up in the sky while my feet took me not across the street but rather in the middle of it. Okay, just don’t panic I said to myself and started recalibrating my sight. But with all the struggles controlling my view I didn’t have time to focus on my feet and since everything took that damn long I eventually got hit by a bus. Well… now I’m dead.

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Rectangle Packing

Currently I’m working to get our game framework ready to be fully productive. Build in haxe, behind the scenes it will be an entity system. I’m going to write more about it in an upcoming post sometime later. If you are curious, read more here: T=Machine and Tom Davies. These two posts are the main reason why I started building my own entity system in haxe.

But let’s get to the rectangles… One of the major problems when developing mobile games is asset management. There are so many different devices with different screen resolutions. So how to handle all the different graphics? Use high-res images and scale the whole game down? Use medium-res images and do upscaling? None of these methods seem to be perfect. Thats where Flash comes in! Flash’s vector capabilities are simply awesome. And since all our Graphics are 100% handdrawn in Flash this is the way to go.
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Round-Up-Round #1

Hello there,

after last weeks announcement of Path of Pow, we think it’s time for a small roundup-round. What is the current status, where are we heading, what are we doing, what do we drink… nah, okay, the last one seems a bit uninteresting.

Let’s start with the general game idea:
As already mentioned it will be a physic puzzle game about shockwaving balls to a specific target, with as few “POWs” as possible. A bit like miniature golf, just with a raccoon racket or so…

We know there will be special tiles on the map which have different effects, like accelerating, slowing, tunnels, switches, gates and what the heck we will come up with… and Flo is willing to program. Read more ›

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Baaaaa… nzai!

Hello there and welcome to the ancient lair of the BLACKGOAT, lone wanderer.

Well okay, maybe not so ancient since our little indiegame project was just recently founded. But nevertheless we are proud to announce our very first game: Path of Pow!

It’s all about a cute little racoon who has to learn that in a hard and hostile world you have to SMASH AND CRUSH YOUR FOES WITH THE HARD METALBALLS OF POW AND…  ah… perhaps I got a bit overexcited. Read more ›

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